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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sodomi 1: Saksi Utama Kes Anwar..Dahlah bankrap..menipu pulak..!!

Kopitiam : Dalam paper The Sun semalam, Citizen Nades menulis berbagai kepincangan dalam Kementerian Azalina Othman. Namun yang paling menarik perhatian teman ialah kisah Umi Hafilda...

Kesian...orang macam ni Che Det percaya.

Kesian orang melayu...orang macam ni tipu dema...

Kesian Anwar Ibrahim...orang macam ni punya pasal dia kena belasah..kena penjara.

Kesian Wan Azizah...menderita hidup dia tanpa suami di sisi selama 6 tahun...

Kesian anak2 Anwar...

Kesian Azmin Ali...dapat adik macam ni.


For example, Pempena advanced RM300,000 to one Umi Hafilda (does the name ring a bell?) for a Amir Diab Live in Kuala Lumpur concert. The report says that "Pempena did not even sight the contract between the parties before issuing the cheque" and as expected, the concert did not take place.

The first question to ask is: Why is Pempena paying show promoters? The second question is: How does a concert help promote tourism? Perhaps, they took a leaf out of the Sport Ministry which paid RM17 million for the Champions Youth Cup tournament to "promote tourism" last year. We’ll leave that to rest, at least for the moment.

Back to Umi Hafilda. When the concert did not materialise, she issued three cheques to Pempena – all of them bounced – there was no money in her account. What did Pempena do? Sat with arms folded because those in the know were aware that she was an undischarged bankrupt, one of the report states.


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