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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

916 : Malaysia Day Celebration in Kelana Jaya Stadium

I do realize that this is the 4th consecutive politically-themed post in my blog. But it’s just something that is so compelling and consequential.

Just came back from Kelana Jaya Stadium for the Pakatan Rakyat’s Malaysia Day celebration. Speeches from various PR leaders.

Two things being said that interest me the most.

One was said by Selangor’s MB, Khalid Ibrahim. Earlier when reached the stadium, our Muslim counterparts were performing prayers. There were of course others non-muslims whom were already there. Khalid noticed how the non-Muslims understood the Muslims’ religious requirement to pray. At that moment, we were somewhat separated by our religious differences, but when the prayer was done, everybody came together as one again.

The other was said by Anwar Ibrahim himself. He said that the most special characteristic of a Malay is their budaya (culture). Their budaya of being courteous, respectful, and fair to anybody regardless of race, religion, status, etc. It’s meaningful because many people have stereotypes about Malays; that they were lazy, rude, mat rempit etc. But those were often isolated cases. The root/budaya of Orang Melayu is actually a pure one.

So anyway, are there any major announcements on 916? We he did say that PR had sent a letter to Pak Lah requesting to meet him for 2 reasons. First is for the immediate release of the ISA detainees. Secondly, to inform and show Pak Lah proof that they have the numbers to form the new govn, and to discuss a peaceful transition plan.

But he did reiterate again that they had the numbers, and 916 marks the day where concrete plans and actions will be taken towards forming the new govn. And he said it with a very very very serious face (which doesn’t look like Syed Albar’s face when he tried justifying the ISA arrests).

Yea, so I guess we’ll still have to wait a little longer.

But it doesn’t matter. Because as mentioned by Lim Kit Siang, it will happen because Malaysian now BELIEVE that CHANGE is possible, and they WANT it to happen, as compared to say 6 months ago before the general elections.

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